About Department

Department of Zoology


Department of Zoology came into existence in July 1950 with a view to prepare the students desirous of learning, understanding, teaching and practicing various aspects of animal science. The department is known for its multidisplinary character and has earned recognition at national level for its standards of teaching and research. The department is proud of having produced eminent scholars, doctors, scientists and administrators who occupy high positions within and outside the country. The department offers teaching in the subject of Zoology at the under graduate level for B.Sc.(Medical) and B.Sc. (Biotechnology)   

Distinctions of The Department:
  • A good laboratories equipped with instruments like Microtomes, Binocular microscopes, Hot air Oven, Water bath, Slide Projector etc.
  • A Museum having laboratory specimens of animals belongs to different Phylum, collection of bones of different animals and models and charts for the demonstration.
  • A well maintained Animal house.
  • Organizing Educational trips, state and zonal level science quiz contests, AIDS day are also one of the features of department.
  • Organizing poster making and Slogan writing competitions on pollution, Global warming etc.