About Department

Department of Chemistry

The country which is in advance of the rest of the world in chemistry, will also be foremost in wealth and in general prosperity – William Ramsay

1500 students impelled by an impulse to seek pleasure amongst smoke and vapour, soot, flames and poison have taken to chemistry and amongst all these evils helping them are fourteen very experienced teaching staff and six non teaching staff. That makes us one of the largest departments of the college.

  • The department has four very modern laboratories equipped with various apparatus and instruments like spectrophotometer, Abbe’s refractometer, conductometer and electronic balance etc. that are  requisite to the syllabi.
  • The  department  has a smart board that helps students to be technology savvy in the field of chemistry.
  • Emphasis is laid on interactive learning of  the students with
  • Assignments
  • Seminars  and
  • Quiz

The standard that we have been able to maintain is an earnest effort of our much esteemed senior colleagues- Sh. Lal Chand Kaura (Founder Head), Sh. Ishwar Chander, Sh. S.K. Anand, Dr. O.P. khurana, Dr. N. Kumar, Dr. R.K. Tomar and Dr. Y.P. Sehgal.