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Department of Applied ScienceDepartment of Electronics

“The Human brain must continue to frame the problems for the electronics machine to solve”.
                                                                                                                                                 David Sarnoff
Department of Electronics came into existence in 1980. The department has one well equipped computer laboratory with latest facilities and two well equipped electronics laboratories with latest equipments. It also has a department library containing Data Manual Books/ Study Material required for laboratory work. 
Latest teaching methodologies including smart board, LCD projector and presentation software are used to improve the teaching learning process which enhances the skill of students.
The department has its subject association. The extracurricular activities related to the subject are carried are out throughout the year by student office bearers and guided and advised by a teacher incharge from the department.
U.G. Level:
1. B.Sc. I
2. B.Sc. II
3. B.Sc. III