About Department

Department of English

The Department of English is one of the prestigious and largest departments of the college both in terms of efficient faculty and the variety of courses it offers. The Department has been playing a significant role in educating and empowering the students for more than half a century. The Department also has a literary society that aims at developing critical thinking among students of literature to enable them to become good researchers. Literature being a cultural product of society offers insight into the complexities of the socio-political affairs both at local and universal platform and in doing so it not only exploits the language but also helps to become good human beings. The Department focuses on providing an overview of literature from aesthetic, linguistic, socio-political and cultural context. It has latest teaching aids and equipments such as Language Lab, Interactive Smart Board, and Internet Facility along with Over Head Projectors etc. to facilitate learning as well as teaching. The Department has the credit of organizing National Seminars, Panel Discussions, Extension Lectures and other need based activities for the overall development of the students. Along with traditional degree courses   it alsooffers the following courses:

1. M.A. English (In Aided Scheme)

2. Honours in English

3. Functional English