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Department of Physics

No one undertakes research in physics with the intention of winning a prize. It is the joy of discovering something no one knew before.
                      Stephen Hawking
Department of Physics was established in 1950 with a commitment to develop scientific, logical, rational and practical aptitude among the students of college. The department commenced its smooth functioning under the headship of Shri S.P. Passi.  The achievements under the stewardship of various heads of department have always kept the physics department as the iconic one for others. The department has produced innumerable eminent scientists, distinguished scholars, renowned engineers, IITans, Doctors and reputed administrators, who are serving at national and international levels with full devotion and dedication in their respective fields. 
Courses Offered: Under-Graduation: Physics as an Elective Subject in B.Sc. (Non-Medical), B.Sc. (Computer Science) & B.Sc.(Electronics)
Distinctions of the Department:
  • The Department has ultra-modern labs well equipped with Electronics, Spectroscopy,  Nuclear & Computer Physics equipments.
  • The Department also has separate dark rooms to study spectroscopy.
  • The Department has its own smart board lecture room to help the students for understanding the three-D study and visualisation of various topics.
  • The Department has a personal library to help the poor students.
  • The Physics Association organizes various activities like Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Educational Trips and Science Fair etc.
  • Every year the students of physics department participate in Essay Writing Competitions, Science Exhibitions & Quiz contests organised by department of higher education and various colleges.
  • Students of the physics association also participate in NGPE (NATIONAL GRADUATE PHYSICS EXAMINATION) which is organised by INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSICS TEACHERS every year in the month of January. It is a matter of pride for the college that every year students are selected among the top 10% students of India exhibiting the academic excellence of the department.
Seminars & Conferences organized:
The department has organised the conferences not only on physics but also on the topics of humanities  keeping in mind the overall development of the students. 
  • National Conference on “New Frontiers In Physics” sponsored by UGC on 12, 13 march 2013 
  • National Conference on “Yoga and Holistic Health” sponsored by Director of Higher Education, Haryana on 28-29 March, 2013.
  • National Seminar on “HUMAN RIGHT EDUCATION” sponsored by UGC on 11th, 12thFebruary 2010.
Achievements of Physics Department During Session   2015-2016
  • The physics association organized a Power Point presentation function on October 20,2015 in which following students gave their PPT’s :
  1. AmanBsc.final year (5761) and Chakit B.Sc. final year (5760)- induction cooker.
  2. Nikhil (5230) B.sc second year and Sanju (5417) B.Sc. final year- Scientist.
  3. Gagandeep B.Sc. first year-Smart City.
  4. Ankit B.Sc. final year (5790), Nikhil B.Sc. final year (5813), Mewa Singh B.Sc. final year-Aerodynamics.
  5. Garima B.Sc. first year (4436)-Speedometer.
  6. Amit (6401), Nitesh (6453), Suraj B.Sc. second year- Past Present And Future Of Electronics.   
  • Himani Gupta of B.Sc. final year(5520) and Vishal Jangraof B.Sc. final year (6711) participated in State-Level Science Exhibition organised by Physics Association of Hindu College, Sonepat on 22 Sept 2015 and won the third prize. They presented model on Voice controlled wheelchair.
  • Sanju(5417) B.Sc final year, RajniB.Sc final year, Sandeep B.Sc final year won the second prize in DISTRICT LEVEL QUIZ COMPITITION held at GOVT. COLLEGE, HISAR . They also participated in the STATE LEVEL QUIZ COMPITITION held atKurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. All the three got a cash prize of 10000/ each.
  • Nikhil(5230) B.Sc Second year, Yash(4718) B.Sc first year, Ashish(5227) B.Sc second year, participated in District Level Essay Writing Competition held at Govt. PG College, Hisar.
  • 70 Students of different colleges participated in NGPE 2016 (NATIONAL GRADUATE OF PHYSICS EXAMINATION) organized by Indian Association of Physics Teachers conducted at Dayanand College Hisar. Out of these 28 students were from this college. Three students of the college qualified the exam and remained among 10% students.
  • Vishal of B.sc final year(6711) and Anupama of Bsc final year (5407) participated in DISTRICT LEVEL SCIENCE EXHIBITION Organised by Department of Higher Education, Haryana at GOVT. COLLEGE, HISAR on 27&28 jan. 2016 they got first prize. They presented model on GPS and GSM Based Theft Object Tracking Device. They represented their model on STATE LEVEL SCIENCE EXHIBITION in PanditChiranji Lal Sharma Govt.  College,Karnal heldon 19 &20 March  2016.
  • Students of Physics Association participated in various activities organised by the other departments and took part in flag march at the ANNUAL ATHLETIC MEET.