About Institution

About Institution

Dayanand College, Hisar is a 65 years old, Re-Accredited as ’A’ Grade institution by NAAC, Bengaluru in November 2016. The temple of learning is a nursery of higher education. The college owes its existence to the vision and missionary zeal of Lala Gian Chand Mahajan (later venerated as Swami Munishwaranand) who was a teacher by profession, a social crusader by inclination, and a saint by temperament. Swamiji was helped in his crusade by a galaxy of philanthropists and missionaries. The college is a multi-faculty, co-educational government-aided institution affiliated to Kurukshetra University,Kurukshetra. Founded in the historical city of Hisar in 1950, the college was taken over by the DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi in 1962.

The emergence of this seat of learning marked a new era in this educationally and culturally obscure land even after independence. It was a dust bowl, a dry, dreary and dismal darkness. The opening of a college here was thus like creating oasis in the desert.

The college is situated on two campuses, occupying a total  land area of about 28 acres out of which 4 acres of land is for the college complex and 24 acres of land is harnessed for creating facilities like hostels, staff quarters and sports ground and indoor sports complex.

Dayanand College, Hisar welcomes you and bids you to become a member of our mission for excellence with us does not only mean academic achievement. This it does, but it has other elements also, like social responsibility and personal nobility. Dayanand College may not take you to the sky, but it promises to show you the sky and the path to the sky also. Here, you will take one of the many steps you will need to know the world, to explore the earth and to reach the sky. Equally important with us is to inculcate in you the spirit of love and sympathy, the spirit of happiness and fulfillment. Love the world to fulfill yourself and sympathize with the lesser to spread happiness. Think of yourself but do not be forgetful of others also.

Here, in this college, you may not become the great you want to be, but here you will learn the need to be the great you must be. Greatness is a product of honesty and nobility. Greatness is fertilized by love and understanding.
Here you should learn to attach yourself to great causes, to good missions, to noble visions. Here, you should get your key to success and happiness and fulfillment.

We are fully geared to raise to college to make it vie with the best in the country and create it as a hub of excellent education. As the first recipient of Best College Award in 1997, instituted by, Higher Education, Haryana, we are aware of the responsibilities that this award bestows upon us. Our commitment to excellence includes creation of personal excellence going in tandem with social responsibility. We are committed to inculcate free, objective and critical interest in our students. Here we encourage them to communicate openly and honestly. At the same time we proud them to maximize their personal growth and to take successful initiatives. We are committed to give them quality education. They should know everything about something and something about everything. We motive them to have positive and well-defined goals in life. We are committed to creating an atmosphere of intellectual vigour and ethical value foregrounding vedic heritage and honest pluralism. Our password is sincerity multiplied with hard work.
The college helps and enables the faculty to update themselves by encourage them to hold and to attend different academic programs such as seminars, conferences, workshops and refresher and orientation courses. The college has organized nearly a dozen national seminars an conference in various discipline sponsored by UGC and Director General Higher Education. They are always eager to update themselves and to implement new technologies. We aim at encouraging research in all the disciplines of education and in this direction, we approach various agencies to fund and to guide such projects.
Healthy practices
Knowing that a university degree alone will not be sufficient for our students in the present world, we encourage them to take computer education seriously and to be aware of the need to protect the environment. Ban on ragging and smoking and availability to clean, drinking water and medical facilities are a few of the steps we have taken in the college to create healthy and academic environment in the campus.