The Alumni Association of the college with Prof. Yashu Rai, Department of English as its Dean and Sh. Bhisham Pitamah, D. E. T. C. as its president has been active in a number of ways. The Association seeks to create a bridge between past and the present so as to pave a way for future. It provides platform where the old students of the college share their experiences with the present generation of students and offer their valuable help to the later.

Our Eminent Alumni

At Different meetings held at various times, the association honoured the retired teachers of the college and  helped the present students. The association also invites experts from various fields of life to enable the students to help them in finding the right path.

Mission & Objectives of Dayanand College  Alumni Relations Programme
  • To help each other in social and professional networking in order to create job opportunities, entrepreneurial opportunities and  professional contacts;
  • To serve the community and  the nation;
  • To specifically contribute to the upliftment of rural India through education & healthcare;
  • The ideas and suggestions given by alumni are always welcome in attaining the growth and development of the institution.
  • The alumni has always been an inspiration in guiding the students for their career and progression.

We shall be very happy to hear from you. Please send in your ideas, proposals, views, case-studies, queries etc. on We’ll surely get back to you…