A feel of home, a feeling of home-well, this is what Dayanand College Hostel give to its inmates. The three hostels sprawling over acres of green space, surrounded by tall, caring trees are at walkable distance from the college campus. A bit of morning walk readies you for the studies and a bit of afternoon walk back to the hostel whets up your appetite for healthy, rich food.

This "green place" is minds away from the noise and nervousness of any disturbing factor. You get a lot to soothe your nerves- the sweet sounds of birds, the glorious dances of butterflies, the open sky space, everything that you need to strike the right note for studies, the right feel of home away from home.

Students come here from far off places, but very soon they develop a "near-on" spirit in the homogenous salubrious atmosphere they get here.

These hostels are managed by students themselves, supported by the hostel staff. They constitute their own mess/canteen committees, choose their own prefects and guardian their own interests. The college guides them, guards them. But they soon develop the spirit of bon-homie.

Each of these hostels- two for girls and one for boys- provides separate dining hall and  recreation halls. Here the residents can browse in some casual reading , do a bit of indoor playing of carrom, table-tennis, tv etc. The hostels provide wholesome,  rich food to the students. All in harmony with the festive spirit, we celebrate all the important national and religions festivals. God’s plenty, you’d say.

Facilities in Hostel

One boys hostel and one girls hostel

Availability of 30 Dormetries (Capacity= 30X2 = 60 students) and 80 cubicals for girls students. Facilities like mess, canteen, dispensary, geysers, safe and pure drinking water, indoor games, outdoor games like Badminton and common rooms are available 24 hours for the girls. Hostel has security guards and CCTVs for the security of the girls. The hostel has also provided with Fire Extinguisher to stop any kind of fire out break.

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