M.Sc. (Geography)

M.Sc. (Geography)

Eligibility : B.A./B.Sc. (Hons) in Geography with 45% marks or B.A./B.Sc. with 50% marks in aggregate having at least 45% marks in the subject of Geography.

Duration of the Course : Two Years (Four Semesters)

Numbers of seats : 30


Semester-I Nomenclature

GEOG-101 Climatology
GEOG-102 Geography of India
GEOG-103 Economics Geography
GEOG-104 Statistical Methods in Geography
GEOG-105 Cartographic Methods in Geography(Practical)

Semester-II Nomenclature

GEOG-201 Geomorphology
GEOG-202 Population Geography
GEOG-203 Regional Development & Planning (with Special Reference To India)
GEOG-204 Agricultural Geography
GEOG-205 Interpretation of Topo-Sheets and Morphmetric Analysis(Practical)

Semester-III Nomenclature

GEOG-301 Geography and Ecosystem
GEOG-302(A) Field Methods in Geography(Socio-economic)(Theory)
GEOG-302(B) Project Report Based on Field Survey
GEOG-303(i) Urban geography
GEOG-303(ii) Geography of Wellbeing (With special reference to India)
GEOG-303(iii) Fluvial Geomorphology
GEOG-303(iv) Historical Geography (With special reference to India)
GEOG-303(v) Geography on Transport
GEOG-304(i) Political Geography
GEOG-304(ii) Geography of Rural Settlement
GEOG-304(iii) Soil Geography
GEOG-304(iv) Geography and Disaster Management
GEOG-304(v) Biogeography
GEOG-305(A) Introduction to Remote Sensing (Theory)
GEOG-305(B) Introduction to Remote Sensing(Practical)

Note: Paper 303 and 304 are optional from which students have to choose one paper each.

Semester-IV Nomenclature

GEOG-401 Geographical Thought
GEOG-402 Hydrology and Oceanography
GEOG-403(i) Regional Geography of India(With special reference to Haryana)
GEOG-403(ii) Natural Resource Management
GEOG-403(iii) Social Geography of India (With special reference to India)
GEOG-403(iv) Coastal Geomorphology
GEOG-403(v) Tropical Climatology
GEOG-404(i) Gender Geography
GEOG-404(ii) Geography of Tourism(With special reference to India)
GEOG-404(iii) Cultural Geography
GEOG-404(iv) Geography of water Resources
GEOG-404(v) Unbanization in India
GEOG-405(A) Fundamental of Geographical Information System(Theory)
GEOG-405(B) Fundamental of Geographical Information System(Practical)

Note:- Paper 403 and 404 are optional from which students have to choose one paper each.