M.Sc. (Mathematics)

M.Sc. (Mathematics)

M. A./M. Sc. (Mathematics)

Eligibility : B.A./B.Sc. with Mathematics as one of the subject or B.A(Hons.) /B.Sc.(Hons.) in Maths at least 55% marks in aggregate.

Duration of the Course : Two Years (Four Semesters)

Number of Seats : 60


Semester-I Nomenclature

MM-401 Advanced Abstract Algebra-1

MM-402 Real Analysis-1

MM-403 Topology-1

MM-404 Complex Analysis-1

MM-405 Differential Equations-1

MM-406 Practical-1


MM-407 Advanced Abstract Algebra-II

MM-408 Real Analysis-II

MM-409 Computer Programming(Theory)

MM-410 Complex Analysis-II

MM-411 Differential Equations-II

MM-412 Practical-II


Compulsory Papers

MM-501 Functional Analysis

MM-502 Analytical Mechanics and Calculus of Variations

Optional Papers A student can opt one optional paper from MM-503

opt(i) to opt(iv).Similarly one paper will be opted each

from MM-504 opt (i) to opt(iv) and MM-505 opt (i) to (iv)

MM-503[Opt(i)] Elasticity

MM-503[Opt(ii)] Difference Equations-I

MM-503[Opt(iii)] Analytic Number Theory

MM-503[Opt(iv)] Number Theory

MM-504[Opt(i)] Fluid Mechanics-I

MM-504[Opt(ii)] Mathematical Statistics

MM-504[Opt(iii)] Algebraic Coding Theory

MM-504[Opt(iv)] Commutative Algebra

MM-505[Opt(i)] Integral Equations

MM-505[Opt(ii)] Mathematical Modeling

MM-505[Opt(iii)] Linear Programming

MM-505[Opt(iv)] Fuzzy Sets & Applications-I

MM-506 Practical-III


Compulsory Subjects

MM-507 General Measure and Integration Theory

MM-508 Partial Differential Equations

Optional Papers A Student can opt one optional paper from MM-509

opt(i) to opt(iv). Similarly one paper will be opted

each from MM-510 opt(i) to opt(iv) and MM-511

opt (i) to (iv)

MM-509[Opt(i)] Machanics of Solids

MM-509[Opt(ii)] Difference Equations-II

MM-509[Opt(iii)] Algebraic Number Theory

MM-509[Opt(iv)] Mathematics for Finance& Insurance

MM-510[Opt(i)] Fluid Mechanics-II

MM-510[Opt(ii)] Boundary Value Problems

MM-510[Opt(iii)] Non-Commutative Rings

MM-510[Opt(iv)] Advanced Discrete Mathematics

MM-511[Opt(i)] Mathematical Aspects in Seismology

MM-511[Opt(ii)] Dynamical Systems

MM-511[Opt(iii)] Operational Research

MM-511[Opt(iv)] Fuzzy Sets & Applications-II

MM-512 Practical-1V